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How do I reserve a meeting room?

Access/Activate Robin

To access Robin, go to
To activate your account, select ‘Continue with Google,’ and in the resulting pop-up, choose your account.

There are multiple methods you can use to reserve a meeting room:

Room Display
Mobile App
Web Dashboard

Room Display

If the room is available you may reserve it for up to 90 minutes via the display just outside the room's entrance. Simply tap on the desired amount of time you wish to use the room and the device will make a reservation for you.

Mobile App

The mobile app is great for checking meeting room availability, reserving a room, and checking in to your reservation. It also provides the following:

You will receive a notification close to the end of your reservation allowing you to quickly extend it if needed, if the resource is available.
If your meeting ends early you can also end the reservation to open up he room for others to use.

To reserve a resource, open the app and tap on Office. Select Martin Hall if it is not already selected. From the dropdown at the top of the screen you can select the building and floor where the resource you wish to reserve resides. From here you can visually see and tap on rooms or select the list icon at the top right of the screen to see all the resources available. Once you've selected a resource you can then Book now to reserve the resource immediately, or create a future reservation by tapping on New event.

How do I install the Robin Mobile App?

Web Dashboard

When using the web dashboard there are three methods you can utilize.

You can access the web dashboard here - be sure to sign in using your account

The Office Tab

For this method you will need to click Office at the top of the page. From here, you can either search floor by floor for an available room, or see all the rooms by clicking on the dropdown to the right of Martin Hall and selecting your desired floor. Book a room by selecting it and then clicking Book meeting.

The Schedule Tab

In the Schedule tab, you can view all your upcoming meetings and events under My Meetings. In Meeting Rooms, you can view all available spaces in your current building and quickly book a meeting. Click or click and drag to begin the process. Add a title and any additional people you’d like to invite, and click Save. To view available spaces in other buildings, simply click on your current building name and select an alternate building.

You can pin your favorite spaces so they appear at the top of the list.
This view relies on your familiarity with the space, as it will not list the policies, including if it is a request-only space or requires check-in on arrival.

Create Event

Create event is useful if you already know the date, time, and resource you wish to book. For this method you will want to view the room you wish to book by selecting one below, then scroll down the page and click the Add event button. Enter the details in the event composer modal that pops up and then click Book Now to reserve the space.

Building 088 Martin Hall

Room 2162 DeWALT Meeting Room
Room 2164 DeWALT Conference Room
Room 4164 CEEE Meeting Room


Additional information and a video walkthrough of the service can be found here.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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