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How do I install the Robin Mobile App?



If you use an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) you can download the free Robin - Meeting Room Booking app via the App Store


Android users can download the Robin - Meeting Room Booking app from the Google Play Store


Please follow these simple steps to configure the Robin Mobile App:

Launch the app
Read and swipe through the welcome pages until you see the Sign in button, tap it
Enter umd as the organization's Robin domain name and tap Continue
Tap Sign in with Google
Tap Continue on the "Robin Wants to Use to Sign In" modal, if prompted
On the "Choose an account" screen be sure to select your account
Login via CAS if prompted
Read and swipe through the second set of welcome pages

It is recommended that you allow notifications as they will allow you to easily end or extend your meeting
Note: the Android setup workflow may be slightly different

Updated on: 02/18/2022

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