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How do I use Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Smartphone or Tablet

Download the Duo App to your phone or tablet using the following links:
iPhone App
iPad App
Android App

Then use the following self-service instructions to enroll, add, remove, or reactivate your device(s):
First Time Enrollment
Add a Device
Remove a Device
Reactivate a Device

Hardware Token

To purchase a hardware token please visit the Terrapin Technology Store located in the McKeldin Library Room 1221. Once you have your hardware token you will need to activate using the instructions here.

Phone Call

The third option is to have the MFA system call you on a mobile or landline phone number for authentication. Instructions for adding a phone number to your account can be found here.

Bypass Codes

And finally the last option is to generate bypass codes. This can be convenient if you plan on traveling or are about to purchase a new mobile device and need some way to authenticate during that time. Instructions for generating the codes can be found here.

Campus also provides instructions for renaming your device, setting your default device, and changing your authentication method.

Updated on: 09/08/2020

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